Absentee Owner Maintenance 
Your boat sitting idle for extended periods is a recipe for disaster. Whether you are out touring the countryside, visiting your family for the season, or off on business, your boat still needs to be properly taken care of. The Yacht Docktor is a highly trained professional who knows exactly what your boat needs to keep it healthy and ready for a cruise.
Managed Maintenance
Your yacht is a significant investment of your time, resources, and,most importantly, your self. Just as you work with your physician on your personal health care plan, you should be working with The Yacht Docktor to ensure your boat’s health. From simple check-ups, to cosmetic touch-ups, to major surgery, The Yacht Docktor is quick, professional, and courteous.
Full Service & Dockside Maintenance
One Stop Boat Repair Shop –
Painting, Washing, Hydraulics, Bottom Cleaning, Oil Changes and Many Other Services


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